Always preoccupied with work and in a hurry, we have so very little time for ourselves throughout the workweek, but Friday opens in my head the magic “weekend door”. I want to feel the weekend. So, I try to “squeeze it like a lemon – to the last drop of juice”. My style is to visit interesting places focusing on one day tourist destination and there are many daily Warsaw tourist attractions to choose from. When making a choice I go for the new or the less known kind. On Friday, November 3rd it was the newly opened Chopin Point Warsaw.

Chopin Point Warsaw – worth visiting place in Warsaw

You can get to the Chopin Point Warsaw at Krakowskie Przedmieście 62 via taxi, but simply strolling there through this famous track cannot be overrated.  The charmingly lit tenement houses, the street buzz and the sound of music mixed with the multilingual chatter that flows out of the numerous restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and bars makes you wonder whether it is Warsaw or Madrid, Paris or Barcelona. One thing is certain – Krakowskie Przedmieście is magic.

Crossing the threshold of Chopin Point Warsaw is like entering a different universe. The buzz of the busy street disappears and like with the power of a magic wand you are in the extraordinary world of Fredric Chopin. This unique place is built around the idea of popularization of Chopin’s music, making it available to ordinary fans of music and enticing people to open their hearts and ears to the beauty of Chopin’s music. The magic of this place should be also attributed to its founder Ms. Barbara Koterba and organizer of several hundreds of Chopin’s concerts. You feel comfortable here. Centrally positioned, shining grand piano, walls adorned with brilliant paintings and a pleasant smell of good coffee give this small concert hall a touch elegance while allowing guests to feel casually at ease.

Chopin Point Warsaw

People make places

The 20 minutes long and preceded by a brief introduction recital was magnificent. Seated with a glass of sparkling wine in hand you could submerge yourself into the wonderful world of sounds of Chopin. The intimate setting, dimmed lights, small but focused group of listeners and proximity to the performer – all added up to the perfect total experience of the wonders Chopin’s musical talent. One cannot help but realize that while Chopin and his music are treated here with the utmost respect it is all done without false exaltation and that Chopin Point Warsaw was created and is managed by devoted fans of Chopin, lovers and experts of classical music who at the same time are ordinary flesh and bone people.

I was thrilled and moved with this recital both with the perfectly executed concertos, the respect for the great composer and his musical talent and most of all for the efforts to present him less as the untouchable statue and more as talented human being with all human wonders and imperfections. All of this made me ready and desiring for more encounters with Frederic Chopin and prompted me to enter Chopin Point Warsaw onto my private map of interesting places in Warsaw.

I strongly encourage all of those seeking one day trip places in Warsaw to visit and experience Chopin Point Warsaw.

Chopin Point Warsaw

A handful of key information:

  • Recitals are performed daily at 7:00 p.m.,
  • The price is 60 PLN/person,
  • There are several young talented pianists who cooperate with Chopin Point Warsaw. I had the pleasure to listen to the performance of Edwin Szwajkowski. More information about the performers is available HERE.

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