1.1. This Privacy Policy of the Website is of informative character, which means that it is not a source of obligations for Recipients or Customers of the Website.
1.2. The Administrator of personal data collected through the Website is “EMKA-TRANS” COMPANY WITH LIMITED LIABILITY based in Grodzisk Mazowiecki (address of seat: ul. Żyrardowska 29, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki and address for service: ul. Jaktorowska 15a, 96-300 Zyrardow), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register with number KRS 0000066764; court of registration in which the records of the company are kept: District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIV Commercial Division of the National Court Register, initial capital in the amount of PLN 350,000 PLN .;VAT REGISTRATION NUMBER:: 5291613714 NATIONAL BUSINESS REGISTRATION NUMBER 016309541, email address: – hereinafter referred to as the “” Administrator”and is also a Service Provider of the Website and Tour Operator.
1.3. Personal data of the Recipient and Customer are processed in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data dated 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 1997 No 133, item 883 as amended) (hereinafter referred to as: The law on the protection of personal data) and the law on provision of services by electronic means dated 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002 No 144, item 1204 as amended).
1.4. The administrator shall use special care in order to protect the interests of persons, whose data refer to, and in particular ensures that the data he collects are processed in accordance with the law; collected for the designated and compatible with the law purposes and shall not process them further ,which is not compatible with these objectives; substantially correct and adequate in relation to the objectives for which they are processed and storing them in the form which permits the identification of persons the data refer to not longer than it is necessary to achieve the objective of processing.
1.5. Any words, terms and acronyms used on this website and beginning with a capital letter (e.g., Vendor, Website, Electronic Service) should be understood according to their definition in the Rules of the Website available on the Website.
2.1. Each time the objective, scope and recipients of data processed by the Administrator results from activities undertaken by the Service Provider or the Customer on the Website
2.2. Possible objectives for the collection of personal data of Recipients or Customers by the Administrator:
2.2.1. conclusion and performance of the Contract of Booking the Tour or contract for the provision of electronic services (e.g., Account).
2.2.2. direct marketing of one`s own products or services of the Administrator.
2.3. Possible recipients of personal data of the Customers of Website
2.3.1. In case of Customer, who uses the Website and the method of electronic payment or credit card the Administrator provides collected personal data of the Customer, to the selected entity operating these payments on the Website..
2.4. The Administrator can process the following personal data of Recipients or Customers who use the Website: name and surname (e-mail address; contact phone number; age, usual address/place where business is run. In case of Recipients or Customers who are not consumers the Administrator can process the name of company and tax identification number (VAT Reg.No) of the Recipient or the Customer additionally.
2.5. Providing personal data referred to in point above can be necessary for the conclusion and performance of the Contract of Booking the Tour or contract for the provision of electronic services on the Website. Each time the scope of data required to conclude the contract is indicated previously on the Website and in the Rules of the website.
3.1. Cookies constitute a small text information in the form of a text files, sent by the server and saved on the side of person visiting the Website (e.g. on hard disk of a PC, laptop or on memory card of smartphone depending from the device a person visiting the Website uses). Detailed information about cookies and history of their formation can be found here:
3.2. The Administrator can process the data in the cookies files when the persons visiting the Website use it for the following purposes:
3.2.1. Identification of Recipients who are logged in on the Website and showing that they are logged;
3.2.2. saving Products added to cart to place the order;
3.2.3. saving data from the Order Forms filled in, surveys or login data to the Website;
3.2.4. adjusting the content of the website to individual preferences of the Recipient (e.g. relating to colour, font size, layout of web) and optimizing the use of the Website;
3.2.5. keeping anonymous statistics showing how to use the Website.
3.3. Usually most Internet browsers available on the market accepts the saving of Cookies by default. Each is able to determine the conditions for the use of cookies through settings of one`s own web browser. This means that you can e.g. partly restrict (e.g. temporarily) or completely switch off the possibility to save Cookies – in the latter case, however, it can affect some functionalities of the Website (for example it can be impossible to cross the path of Order through the Order Form because of not saving the Products in the cart during the next steps for placing the order).
3.4. Browser Settings for Cookies are important from the point of view of the consent for the use of Cookies by our Website – in accordance with the regulations such consent can also be expressed through the browser settings. In the absence of giving such consent browser settings for Cookies should be changed accordingly.
3.5. For detailed information on how to change the settings for cookies and their independent deletion in the most popular web browsers in the section of the assistance for web browsers and on the following websites are available (just click in the link):
• In Chrome
• In Firefox
• In Internet Explorer
• In Opera
• In Safari
• In Microsoft Edge
3.6. The administrator also processes anonymousoperating data connected with the use of the Website (IP address, domain) to generate statistics to help in the administration of the Website. These data are cumulative and anonymous, i.e. do not contain characteristics identifying visitors to the Website. These data are not disclosed to third parties.
4.1. Providing personal data by the Recipient or Customer is voluntary, but failure to provide personal data required in the Rules and the ones indicated on the Website necessary for the conclusion and performance of Contract of Booking the Tour or contract for the provision of Electronic Services results in the inability to conclude this contract.
4.2. The basis for processing personal data of the Recipient or the Customer is the necessity to perform the contract, whose party it is or take on his request action before the conclusion of Contract. In case of processing data for direct marketing of one`s own products or services of the Administrator the basis of such processing is (1) prior consent of the Recipient or the Customer or (2) filling in legally justified objectives pursued by the Administrator in accordance with Article 23 paragraph 4 of the Law on the protection of personal data as legally justified by objective in particular direct marketing of one`s won products or services of the Administrator).
5.1. The Recipient / Customer has the right to access his personal data and to correct them.
5.2. Each person has the right to control the processing of data which refer to him/her, included in the set of the data of Administrator and especially the right t:o: request correction, supplement, update, rectification of personal data, temporary or permanent suspension of their processing or removing them if they are incomplete, outdated, untrue or were collected in violation of the law or are no longer necessary for achieving the purpose for which they were collected.
5.3. In case the Recipient or the Customer give their consent for the processing of data for direct marketing of the Administrator`s own products or services the consent can be revoked at any time.
5.4. If the Administrator wishes to process or processes the data of the Recipient or the Customer for direct marketing of the Administrator`s own products or services, the person the data refer to is entitled to (1) lodge a written, justified request to stop the processing of his data due to his specific situation or to (2) raise objection to the processing of his data.
5.5. In order to exercise the rights referred to above you can contact the Administrator by sending an appropriate message in writing or by electronic mail to the address of the Administrator indicated in the introduction of this Privacy Policy.
6.1. The Website can include links to other websites. The Administrator urges to get acquainted with the privacy policy after visiting other websites,. This privacy policy applies only to this Website.
6.2. The Administrator shall apply technical and organizational means ensuring the protection of personal data processed adequate to risks, and the category of data covered by protection, and in particular protects data against their disclosure to unauthorized persons, by taking by an unauthorized person, processing with the violation of applicable regulations and change, loss, damage or destruction.
6.3. The Administrator makes available the following technical measures which prevent the acquisition and modification of personal data sent by electronic means by unauthorised persons:
6.3.1. Protection of the set of data against unauthorized access.
6.3.2. Access to the Account only after providing individual login and password.
6.3.3. SSL certificate