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Make your inner child dreams come true and go with us for an unforgettable trip to Energylandia!

Pick up from Warsaw!

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Energylandia is the largest amusement park in Poland! In this huge (26 hectares) entertainment kingdom, age does not matter. Here, there is something for everyone. You find here much more than a magnitude of manifold attractions, you will also find the highest level of service and care.  Safety is paramount.  All entertainment equipment have current and proper licenses. International safety code and requirements are observed which is attested by the ISO 9001 certificates. The staff are competent and well trained.

Children are allowed only on the attractions that are suited for their height, weight and capacity. Children are allowed in and out only when accompanied by an adult.  The staff here will help, guide and advise – your only obligation is to HAVE FUN!




Superb opportunity for those who want to tackle their own fear.  Wonderful opportunity for those who want to stand harness fear of speed or height. A maximum dosage of a safe adrenaline, great entertainment and wonderful play.   There is only one Energylandia for miles and miles around so it is crowded, but it is also a high energy fun.  You can ride on grand rollercoaster, swing on the grand Aztec or get on the 40 meters long arm of the space Booster. The speed reaches 100km/h and the overload up to 5g.



If you love warm crystal water this Island is perfect for you. It offers variety of attractions, quiet caves and places to play.  You can sunbathe or rest protected by beach umbrella or play in the water under the guard of trained rescue staff.  The watermark  is like an exotic Caribbean Island miraculously found on the border of Silesia and Lover Poland.



In here the grownups rediscover the kid in them and the kids fill like a fish in the water.  Here in the world of their favorite animated characters they can be and act just like their favorite heroes. They can be pilots, firefighters, animals, dwarfs or princesses.  Safe and age appropriate carousels, rollercoasters and other toys provide for good entertainment for the kids and the feeling of comfort for the parents.  Appropriately equipped sanitary zone make it easy and comfortable for the parents and caregivers to care for the kids.



05:30 – departure form Warsaw (plac Defilad 1)

11:00 – 18:00 – play time in ENERGYLANDIA

23:20 – arrival in Warsaw


Price includes:

  • Premium coach transport
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • Entry tickets
  • NNW insurance
  • Company gifts
  • English speaking guide
  • English speaking driver