Łódź and Her Jews –

Getting Behind The History


See Łódź – a city like no other. In 1815, inhabited by a thousand people. By 1915, the manufacturing empire with 600 K. Profoundly influenced by the Jews, who in 1938 accounted for 34% of the city population. Some like the Carnegie Hall performer, Arthur Rubinstein, or the king of cosmetics, Max Factor went on to influence the world. Others, like Israel Poznański, Markus Silberstein and Szaja Rosenblatt contributed to making Łódz the manufacturing kingdom. Many lived an ordinary life and thousands had perished in the horror of the German occupation.

To trail their history, we will visit the Jewish cemetery, learn about the ghetto field, see where the ghetto was and go to the Łódź Umschlagplatz – the Radegast station. You will hear about their lives during and before the occupation. After lunch we will walk down the Piotrkowska Street to see the bronze statues of Rubinstein, Poznański and others of the “Łódź Famous” and visit the Reicher Synagogue. We will wind up our tour at “Manufaktura”– the art and shopping gallery embedded in the Poznański’s old manufacture plant as if it were the testimony rendered by the people of Łódź that “it wasn’t entirely for nothing” and that the Jewish legacy lives on.

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The Piotrkowska Street

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This one of the streets that are the showpiece of Łódź is full of shops, restaurants and fashionable cafes. The decorated townhouses enjoy the eye, and the passing sculptures will acquaint you with the names of the famous residents of Łódź for instance: Julian Tuwim, Artur Rubinstein or Władysław Reymont. Children will be delighted by the family fairytale trail, full of interesting monuments stimmed from familial series, and some of them are located on Piotrkowska street. After a walk you will get known how from an ordinary trail Piotrkowska become a trendy promenade.

Manufactura and Izrael Poznański Palace


The Izrael Poznański Palace is the first private residence of the “cotton magnate” and the wealthy resident of Łódź. The building called the Luwr of Łódź impresses with the renaissance decorations, the size and the grandeur. We will visit unusual interiors of the Palace, enriched with unique works of art and a lot of 19th century memorabilia. The neighboring “Manufaktura”, together with the entire factory complex is today one of the most interesting places in Łódź. The enormous project of revitalizing this compound allows us to explore the charm of the renovated buildings. In a spare time you can visit a large shopping center, one of the museums or drink a coffee in a fancy cafeteria.


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Łódź and Her Jews – Getting Behind The History

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