Lublin – The Jewish Oxford


Lublin once served as one of the most important centers of Jewish life commerce, culture and scholarship in Europe. It had the world’s largest Talmudic school, Yeshybot and was by some called the Jewish Oxford. So, come and trail with us on the Jewish path in Lublin as it gives a unique perspective on the history of the town. Venture into the history of the Jewish community that once constituted more than 30% of the city population.

While in the Old Town, stop at the Grodzka Gate. In 1941 it was renamed the Jewish Gate to mark the demarcation line between the Jewish Ghetto and the non-Jewish part of town. Visit the old “Kirkut” –with some of the original Matzevahs. Stop and ponder on the past, the present and the future in the front of the extraordinary building – the largest Thora study center in the world – the Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva Synagogue – still an active temple today. Visit Majdanek, once a Nazi-Germany concentration and extermination camp and today a museum and a memorial site.

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Our next step into the past will be a visit to Majdanek – today a memorial site and a museum, and a Nazi concentration camp during the Second World War. This exceptional place, apart from the its historical significance allows us to experience  what it had been like for the prisoners. It  has also a number of excellent permanent exhibits, including “Majdanek’s Shoes” or time limited installations like the “Dolls of Majdanek” . The guide will walk us through the entire camp, tell the story about the camp uprising, until it has been transformed into a museum; bring you to the reality of the camp and help you move back to these difficult times showing prisoners’ barracks or gas chambers.

Old Town


At the end we will visit Lublin and its beautifully preserved Old Town, take a walk through the narrow streets and try to feel the magic of the City. During walking we will see such historical monuments as: Medieval Cracow Gate and Grodzka Gate, Basilica of the Dominican Fathers, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Chapel of the Holy Trinity and Castle Tower. Our walk will culminate with a visit to the amazing castle in Lublin. Everyone will have the chance to discover the charms of Lublin and spend unique moments in this stunning city during leisure time.


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Lublin – The Jewish Oxford

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