Tykocin and Treblinka – The Jewish Heritage


We’ll take you to Tykocin where the Jews first settled in 1522 AD. For centuries it was a recognized Jewish dominated community with numerous outstanding scholars and community and business leaders best known for production of prayer shawls.  On August 25 1941, soon after the Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, the Nazi executed most of the Tykcin Jews and the survivors were sent to Nazi established Jewish ghetto in Białystok.  Still there are visible traces of the Jewish heritage in Tykocin like the brick synagogue, which was reconstructed along with the historic wall paintings, and the former Beit Medrash (study and prayer hall) and one of the oldest Jewish cemetery that dates back to XV century. We will take a walk through the small town to find out where the demarcation line between the Jewish and non-Jewish community was. On the way back to Warsaw we will stop for lunch of some traditional Polish food and conclude the tour by visiting Treblinka once a Nazi concentration and extermination camp and now a commemoration site.

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Tykocin and Treblinka – The Jewish Trail