Żelazowa Wola and Łowicz –

what echoes in Chopin’s music?


We start at Żelazowa Wola with a tour of the Manor house and the estate where Chopin was born. Next will be Łowicz famed for ethnic uniqueness, vibrant folklore and adherence to tradition. We will step into the past at the open air museum, walk down the Łowicz “Avenue of Stars” look into the beautiful churches and visit the basilica called the Wawel of Łowicz. Much of that unique culture, and the brilliant harmony of the church organs echoes in Chopin’s music. After a lunch we will go to Bolimów. Here we conclude this enchanting and educating trip with some fun at a local handicraft workshop.

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Żelazowa Wola


The main point of our trip will be a visit in the manor house of wealthy Skarbek family in Żelazowa Wola. This place is unique not only because of F. Chopin’s birth. The uniqueness of this place creates people and their respect for music and history. Beautiful museum and 17 acres gardens surrounds this seemingly ordinary mansion encourage you to delve into the interesting history of its reconstruction.
According to one of the hypotheses, the original building was burnt down, and the one we can currently visit is the enlarged annex, which was adjacent to the manor house, and managed to rebuild it mainly thanks to the involvement of the famous Russian composer and great fan of Chopin – Milij Balakiriev. Annual concerts, with the proceeds spent on renovation works, have created a beautiful and stylish venue.
Qualified guides with great knowledge will get you closer to this stunning history.



The region of Łowicz can be proud of its millennia long history and ethnic uniqueness with its vibrant colors, strong traditions and customs that set Łowicz apart from all other regions of Poland. The distinct Łowicz culture is often referred to as “Księżacka” and dates back to the times when Łowicz and its region where a separate principality. It was the Łowicz Peasants, who started to brighten up an decorate their houses with the multicolor stripes, and decorate their walls with fine paper cutouts each illustrating their customs, festivities and daily toil. With time the colorful art displayed on paper, canvas, tapestry and clay pottery became famous and sought after souvenir.

Handicraft Workshop


After a lunch we will go to Bolimów. Here we conclude this enchanting and educating trip with some fun at a local handicraft workshop. According to time of the year we will visit: blacksmith shop where you can hammer out your own “golden horseshoe”, the potter a right over the clay or lady “Lowiczanka” who will teach us how to make traditional folk art paper cutting.


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Żelazowa Wola i Łowicz – What echoes in Chopin’s music?

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